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local duh award

Official: Veterans deserve arrest notice If a Saranac-area official has his way, police officers serving warrants would have to call ahead to arrest a veteran. … Such an ordinance would have trouble passing muster — legally and practically, officials said. … Continue reading

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ashley posted pictures of graduation, the reception, and the honeymoon. they are all uber cool and you all may feel free to use this as your wallpaper.

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I am back from mexico, sorry about the mySQL server being out for half the week. Something used up all the swap so mysqld crashed when it couldn’t allocate. I need to figure out what consumed all the swap and … Continue reading

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grades and other things

Grades for winter/2005 came out yesterday, I snagged a screenshot and put it online as usual. I think it’s my highest GPA ever, not sure, but it’s pretty darn good. Ashley got a 4.000 for the semseter though, genius that … Continue reading

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sorry for the lack of updates, it has been an epic past couple of days. to catch up, let me tell you about the last several days. thursday was spent at metro where they told me that the job had … Continue reading

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