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forums resurrection

I just got done resurrecting by converting it to a phpBB2 forum from Ikonboard 3.0. We were running a really old release candidate of iB and as such there was an exploit that had been discovered but we never … Continue reading

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My Name is Earl HDTV ‘sploit

Saw this on An article on HD Beat mentions that HDTV viewers of My Name is Earl last night got a little something extra on their widescreen displays, that regular TV viewers missed out on. The scene where Earl … Continue reading

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Nat’ Gas goin’ up

So in the “wake” of our recent spat of hurricano disasters, I’ve been watching DTE’s natural gas price sheet to see if and when they raise our GCR – gas cost recovery fee . It’s been holding steady at 85.4 … Continue reading

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So I know it’s been like a week or something. I figured it was time for an update. Couple of things – I’ve been listening to Linkin Park a lot lately. Russ was playing some this morning when I got … Continue reading

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