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Miles Barnaby – Canadian Lawyer

Matt Wallace from CFMC fame recently starred in a college video production Miles Barnaby – Canadian Lawyer – there’s not much of a story but the 7-minute video is hilarious.

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Bandwidth update

Now that the cacti graphs have been running long enough, I have some semi-reliable bandwidth statistics to report regarding our little server. Daily outbound total traffic: ~10.37 GB (inbound: ~1.86 GB) Weekly outbound: ~70.06 GB (inbound: ~5.65 GB) Monthly outbound: … Continue reading

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Ellsworth AFB foam test

Found this via digg or some other place: How do you figure out whether a foam firefighting system in an air force hangar is set up correctly and works? Well you turn it on for a few seconds, to make … Continue reading

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Google Calendar launched?

Apparently Google Calendar is now available. I was just able to login with my google/gmail account: I’m sure it’ll be all over the blogs tomorrow.

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Deal or No Deal winner

I am the DOND winner:

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