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Using Pidgin with Google Talk behind a firewall

Having trouble connecting Pidgin to Google Talk when behind a firewall? This Pidgin ticket Can’t connect to Google Talk (GTalk) describes change to make to your Google Talk account in Pidgin in order to make it work. Modify the account … Continue reading

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AIM smileys for Pidgin

Drawing on my experience yesterday of helping put together a set of key bindings for AOL Instant Messenger ascii emoticons, I set out this morning to make a custom smiley pack for Pidgin using the AIM smileys. The documentation for … Continue reading

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Using AIM emoticon shortcuts in Pidgin

Recently, vanberge and rusty have been longing to use the classic AIM emoticon keyboard shortcuts in Pidgin. Pidgin trac ticket 2675 from three years ago indicated they weren’t going to implement this functionality but one could implement using keyboard bindings … Continue reading

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